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Jared Leith

Commercial Real Estate Analyst

Greenville, SC

Jared Leith is a dedicated and detail-oriented Financial Analyst at Oakside. With a strong foundation in finance and a passion for commercial real estate, Jared brings analytical experience and a commitment to excellence to his role.

Since joining Oakside, Jared has quickly proven himself as a valuable asset to the underwriting team. He conducts comprehensive financial analysis, evaluating potential self-storage investment opportunities. His meticulous attention to detail and proficiency in financial modeling enables him to accurately analyze property cash flows, perform risk assessments, and oversee the offering memorandum process.

Jared holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Finance from Bob Jones University, where he developed a solid understanding of financial concepts and honed his analytical skills. He gained practical experience through internships and post-graduation, where he contributed to the due diligence process at major asset management companies within the local, Greenville area.

Jared’s strong analytical abilities are complemented by his excellent communication and collaboration skills. He works closely with cross-functional teams, to ensure the accurate and timely completion of underwriting processes. His ability to effectively communicate complex financial information enables him to present underwriting recommendations to senior management in a clear and concise manner.

Jared is excited to contribute his expertise and collaborate with industry professionals to drive successful commercial real estate transactions at Oakside. With his commitment to excellence and his drive to achieve optimal outcomes, he is poised to make a positive impact on the company’s growth and success.